In this video I demonstrate my reinforcement of an inflatable Milka cow. It involves making a small slit in the toy; turning the toy inside out through that slit; and then gluing vinyl strips along each seam to span them. The toy can then be turned back right side out and the slit sealed. This leaves the toy with a stock appearance with little evidence of the reinforcement. After reinforcement the inflatable is significantly sturdier and much less likely to break. If looking to strengthen a toy this is the method I would recommend.

If planning to do something like this yourself, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated room so as not to breath the glue fumes.

See my older reinforcing demonstration video here:
Check out the full-length inflation video for the Milka cow here:
I inflate and ride my reinforced Intex whale in this video:
Here I ride my transparent blue 3-meter-long whale from Inflatable World that I also reinforced:
The unicorn I ride in this video has been reinforced in the same manner:
I ride a blue rocking horse toy I reinforced in this video:

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