A while back, I accidentally bought vinyl cleaning solvent instead of vinyl glue. I tried to glue some pieces of vinyl together with it, and surprise surprise it didn’t work. I figured it was cleaner, so I would go ahead and use it to remove the warning labels from an Intex whale. It worked great and the labels came off clean. However, when I went to inflate the toy, the area where the label used to be started to bulge ridiculously. I realized I ruined the whale, so I went ahead and poured the whole can of solvent into the whale and shook it up. The whale turned to a weird limp or flaccid balloon feeling toy. And when inflating it, it would grow and grow without much resistance. In this video, I try to reproduce that experiment, and if I had spilled less solvent outside the whale, it would have been even more impressive.

Check out what this whale feels like when not inflated to the max: youtu.be/2L1xwY0Ubg0

Want a safer method to soften a pool toy: youtu.be/Ih9IxqLM75s

Heath Dragon (Stub)

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