It is the 4th channel anniversary… ish. It was actually last week on the 20th of June but I only found out today, because it was in my schedule for today.
Thank you all for your support, special thanks to Windchill Storm for the many balloons in other videos, Ade Munk for being an awesome balloon popper legend (and friend) and Darksteel for supporting me this long.
Even though Balloon Ace and Jenny Loons balloons were featured in this video, I bought all of these balloons myself. But hey, if anyone from those sites is reading this, do contact me to discuss sponsorship 😉
This video has been shot and edited today, with prove from good ol’ BBC News.

Commissions? Yes please! Email [email protected] – Pay just the price of the balloons & shipment. Check for all my accounts.

Hey, I’m Rick and I’m just another looner. Surprise.
I hope you’ll enjoy my content, like I enjoyed creating it. If you’ve got anything nice to say, or have some constructive criticism, please leave it in the comments.

Get in contact!
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @AnotherRick
Inflate & Ride!:!/user/124/


Hiya! I'm Rick and I'm just AnotherLooner. I've been making free looner videos on YouTube for over 2 years now and uploaded over 100 videos. Also busy with InflateVids.

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